No more difficulties for Riga visitors to call taxis

Today we launch a new option to call a taxi; tourists who visit Riga will have no difficulties to call a taxi. 

Finnish company TaxiWell offers Riga visitors to call a taxi from smart-phones by TaxiWell application; the taxi services in Latvia will be provided by the car fleet of BalticTaxi.
This option will be especially useful for visitors who do not know their exact location, as well as are not sure whether the operators speak their language. All this will be made easy by a couple of clicks on the smart-phone, and the nearest car of BalticTaxi will respond to the call. At the same time, the taxi can be ordered to a specific address, specific time, as well as notes are welcome, for example, when a taxi driver with the knowledge of English is needed. This application is available for tourists both on iPhone and Android devices.
"We are always searching for options to improve our client service. TaxiWell shares our target to offer most trusted best quality services to our passengers," states Juris Erts, CFO of BalticTaxi.
"Our services are available at any place world-wide where mobile phones are available. There are no better partners in Latvia than BalticTaxi; they have a modern car fleet with well-maintained vehicles and professional drivers. This is the very type of service we wish to provide to our clients by TaxiWell," indicated Teemu Toroi, president of TaxiWell Ltd.