Call a taxi without calling the operators

BalticTaxi has announced previously about developing its mobile application and various updates. 

Having continued the work at implementation of novelties, we can announce that presently the development stage is finished for the option to call a taxi according to the location on the map without calling the operators, but using smartphone options – through mobile application.
Now, a taxi is a few clicks away. The application determines the user’s location on the map, where the closest BalticTaxi car is sent after a confirmation. This option will be highly useful in situations when you need a taxi on time but you are not allowed to speak, for example, at a concert, meeting or another public event when you cannot make a call.
At present, Android platform beta version is available to clients, so we ask you to give us the evaluation and suggestions about the new application in the feedback section of the application to improve it. Also those users of application who have iOS platform are not forgotten; this very option will soon be available also on iPhones.
BalticTAXI mobile application for Android and iOS platforms is available since 5 January 2012. At present more than 3,000 downloads in total are made for both platforms.
The application is available free of charge, and it can be downloaded here.