With its mobile application updates BalticTaxi will again be one step ahead of others

It was previously published that BalticTaxi is the first taxi company in Latvia having developed its smart-phone application. 

However, application development has not stopped there, and at present BalticTaxi is working on the option to call a taxi to a location on the map by using the BalticTaxi application instead of calling the operators. This function is expected to start working in the nearest future and in the beginning it will be offered on Android platforms.
Functions of the new application will allow calling a taxi by a couple of clicks without calling the operators. It will determine the client's location on the map and send there the nearest car of BalticTAXI. This option will be especially useful to those users who are, for example, at a meeting, concert or some other public event where calling and speaking on the phone is not allowed.
Apart from these functions of the mobile application BalticTAXI has improved its client service by providing an additional more convenient option for client feedback. Each user of the application has the opportunity to evaluate the trip in 5-star range. For the evaluation we offer model questionnaires to evaluate the driver's attitude, timely arrival of the taxi, the driver's skills to orientate in the city and free space for other comments or references. It’s not obligatory; those who don't wish to give feedback don't need to answer all the mentioned questions to provide evaluation; it is sufficient to fill in at least one space to send the feedback.
Likewise the application keeps the existing functions: option to call a taxi by a phone call or through Skype software, pay for the trip by Mobilly electronic payment system, discount part, description of BalticTAXI services and Twitter stream.
The BalticTAXI mobile application is available on Android and iOS platforms already since 5 January 2012. At present more than 3,500 downloads are made on both platforms.
The application is available free of charge and it can be downloaded here:
Application iOS
Application Android