BalticTaxi participates as “BTA Women’s Day Rally 2012”

Already the third year in a row, BalticTaxi supports the attractive representatives of the beautiful gender at 'BTA Women’s Day Rally 2012'. 

This year as well, the car-orienteering and adventure race will be launched on 10 March at the fashion and entertainment centre 'Riga Plaza' and BalticTAXI ladies’ teams will prove their proficiency together with the other participants. In total 3 BalticTaxi teams will show their fighting spirit and perseverance: 'GO GREEN' (Laura Barkāne and Liene Sondore), 'AR GARŠU' (WITH TASTE) (DANA Dianova Gerķe and Aiga Stakaus) and 'ČOPI ČOP' (CHOPI-CHOP) (Astra Grīna and Mareta Pirktiņa).

To support all the 320 registered ladies’ crews, BalticTaxi will have taken care of some useful surprise at the launching point. So, the participants of the race will have a special separate nomination of BalticTaxi - 'Green Crew’.
Ufo and Raimonds Bergmanis will take care of fun during the event, and in the evening the band 2 oldbabies and Intars Busulis will play, as well as spicy surprises will be prepared for the ladies. BalticTaxi will take care of safe delivery of ladies home after the event, as well as BalticTAXI will also be on duty at the place of event.