Electric taxis for a greener Riga

To continue developing Riga as a modern, contemporary and green city together with offering fair taxi services BalticTaxi keeps promoting the idea on introducing electric taxis. 

By launching electrification of Riga passenger taxis the city would both decrease CO2 emissions and acquire a status of a responsible city that cares for environment.
While the fuel costs and atmosphere pollution are increasing, transport development is led towards use of renewable resources. It is also important to note that more than 1200 taxis operate in Riga each day covering daily at least 200 km thus making 6000 km a month. In total Riga taxis cover 7,200,000 km a month making 180 rides round the Earth each month, while all CO2 emissions remain in the city air polluting it. In its development Riga may not stay behind modern world trends, it should set an example for the public that an electric car is an efficient and actually usable vehicle in practice.
Further growth of the project highly depends also from Riga municipality support; its assistance would allow establishment of publicly available charging stations in the territory of Old Riga, as well as placing of charging stations in the entire Riga in further development of the project.
At present BalticTaxi plans to introduce 5 electric cars equipped by 100% lithium-ion batteries. The amount of their CO2 emissions equals to 0g/km. Their maximum speed is 130 km/h and one charging allows covering of 150 km. The level of noise is limited to the aerodynamic noises; therefore electric cars are especially suited for a city.