BalticTaxi offers free-of-charge internet during taxi rides

As of this week, BalticTaxi is installing wi-fi equipment in its taxis offering clients a free-of-charge internet access during the trips. 

At present, wi-fi equipment is installed in more than a half of the cars, and the free of charge internet is expected to be available in the nearest future in all taxis of the BalticTaxi fleet. 
Already since February various tests were made to check the quality, as well as alternatives of quality and beneficial technology solutions were searched to equip taxis with a receiver to offer the services free of charge and leave the taxi rate intact. This resulted in ensuring access to internet in taxis in cooperation with Tele2.
Thanks to availability of internet in taxis, clients have additional benefits, especially foreign guests who need to use internet immediately upon arriving in Latvia. In Latvia, access to mobile internet for foreign visitors is comparatively more expensive due to roaming rates than for local population, thus access to internet is significant. Each may have different motives, others need access to e-mail, some may need internet bank or simply the social networks; BalticTaxi aim is however to look possibly further to offer the best and most trustworthy services to clients. 
By this solution we create a positive image not only of the taxi company, but also of Latvia as an innovative country of developed technologies.
To access the free-of-charge internet in BalticTaxi taxis, the password for access is given on the dash-board in front of the passenger or upon asking the driver.