BalticTaxi komanda piedalās izklaides pasākumā ''Piģuru kauss 2011''

Continuing the active summer, with its team BalticTaxi will participate at Piģuru Cup which is an original test of fun, endurance, tireless spirit and willpower in the wild. 

At Piģuru Cup, BalticTaxi team will be represented by 4 representatives of the beautiful sex. Wish them luck, strength and persistence, as well as many new adventures.
The event is expected to be full of adventures, hinted by the equipment that the participants need to take with: a photo camera, a shovel, a 10m rope, an A4 cardboard list, a transparent tape, a waterproof pen, and a plastic bag.
The competition will be divided in three stages: at stage 1 all teams jointly prepare for participation with their cars; at stage 2 the competition starts with several ways chosen by the teams themselves; and at stage 3 the teams will complete the initial tasks and receive information about the other points. Afterwards the teams can freely choose the way to visit the special tasks and orienteering points to collect as many points as possible.
Let’s meet on 6 August at the house “Piģuri” in Gaujienas pagasts.