In cooperation with Tele2, BalticTaxi plants to introduce mobile internet in taxis free of charge

SIA BalticTaxi financial director Juris Erts shares his thoughts about the planned innovation.

Soon all BalticTaxi taxis will have Tele2 free mobile internet installed. This tool in taxis will be provided for the first time in Latvia. What motivated you to be innovative and develop this interesting model of cooperation?
This is an additional service to our clients, especially guests from abroad. It has been observed that upon arriving in Latvia people often need immediate access to internet. Reasons, of course, are different. One needs to check e-mail, another – internet bank account. Our aim is to have as broad view as possible to offer our clients the best possible service.
BalticTaxi has a quite large base of corporate and private clients. Has internet been demanded during trips long ago?
Demand for mobile internet is proportionate to distribution of smartphones in the market. Although the local residents might not have it as important because of using the most favourable connection conditions of mobile operators, foreign guests would find free of charge access to mobile internet as very important. Use of mobile internet for them is a comparatively expensive service due to roaming rates therefore our offered service is an excellent solution that will increase clients’ satisfaction. I think that a positive impression will be made not only about us as a taxi service company offering innovative solutions, but also about Latvia as a technology-wise developed country.
How, in your opinion, BalticTAXI clients will assess the possibility to use more usefully the time spent in trips?
Without this service clients cannot plan what particular issues could be solved during the trip. Now everyone will have the opportunity to use internet in a computer or a mobile phone and continue dealing with urgent business or other matters. We hope that this solution will facilitate choosing the services of BalticTAXI.
Most time in taxis is spent by their drivers. How will the free mobile internet access relieve their job and make the leisure moments more pleasant?
This will be an excellent opportunity for our drivers to use the privileges of mobile internet inbetween the trips. They will be able to follow the news, communicate in social portals and even watch television. Educated and informed drivers is one of ways how to provide the best service to clients.
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JURIS ERTS,, Financial Director