BalticTaxi team completes another Mītava Open2011 part

This is the third week in a row when the BalticTaxi team participates at the Mini Football Championship Mītava Open2011, this time it was the North-East Latvia part in Madona.

This time the team was in full composition, but it lacked some success to enter the next round, and the team took the place of 24-31 among 32 teams.
The first game was lost by 0:1, the team won the second game by 0:1, and the third game was played with leaders of the tournament and lost by 0:1.
This part of the championship had some incidents when the team ENTUZIASTU KUSTĪBA (enthusiast movement) TRIMMERIS was disqualified from the North-East Latvia part of Mītava Open 2011 for failure to observe the regulations and dishonest behaviour.
There are two parts of the championship left and the next part of Latgale is expected on 30 July at 10:00 in Preiļi, at Preiļi region stadium of BJSS (Children and Youth Sport School).