BalticTaxi driver convincingly wins eco-rally “Pozitīvais ekoceļš”

BalticTaxi personnel is proud of its colleague and congratulates Matīss Muižnieks on a convincing win at the eco-rally “Pozitīvais ekoceļš” (Positive Eco-Road) and setting a record of consumption of 2.6 litres on 100 kilometres.

“I have previously participated in similar competitions, therefore I knew how to prepare and where to focus. Before the competition I read DBS (Safe Driving School) eco-driving tips, pumped up the tires, got rid of unnecessary weight in the car,” told the ultimate winner of the competition, „Audi” driver Matīss Muižnieks. “We covered the competition route – almost 190 km – in approximately four hours with the average speed of 70-75 km/h, paying a special attention to road surface relief, as well as other participants’ style of driving. I try to drive sparingly every day, but the traffic jams in the city as well as thinking of the time spent on the road increases the average fuel consumption.” Participating with Audi A2 (diesel) Matīss used 2.209 litres fuel on 100 km on average. However, although he got one penalty point due to a mistake, in the table of eco-rally results, Matīss still made to the top position with the result of 2.609 l/100km.
As the grand prize, Matīss will receive a chance from the organisers of the event to use one of Audi cars offered by Audi dealer Moller Auto Rīga and Mollers Auto Lidosta for an entire weekend. Other winners of the competition – Ford driver Kristians Kārkliņš (petrol, up to 1500 kg), Lexus driver Anta Jansone (petrol, above 1500 kg) and Škoda driver Jānis Strēlis (diesel) will have the opportunity to take Eco driving courses at DBS instructors.
All participants of the eco-rally organised by Drošas Braukšanas Skola (Safe Driving School) and SIA Latvija Statoil had their cars refuelled at the finish free of charge.
Eco-rally Positive Eco-Road: Riga – Salacgrīva is a part of the campaign “Ar auto pa Latviju” (By car across Latvia) with the aim to encourage people to enjoy the summer in car trips remembering about economic and safe driving. Eco-rally is held within the scope of economic driving movement and campaign “Ar auto pa Latviju”.