BalticTaxi team finishes Mītava Open 2011 Vidzeme part

On 16 July, Vidzeme part of Amateur Mini Football Championship MĪTAVA OPEN 2011 took place in Ainaži, where also the BalticTaxi team participated. 

This is already the second part of participation and this time 22 teams competed, BalticTAXI team remained in place 17-22.
Unfortunately, not the entire usual team could participate, and we had to do without four base players, including the goal-keeper. The first two games were lost to the best players of the championship; the third game of the championship was spent however with many emotional moments, and it was most interesting despite losing it at 2:3. In the fourth game the team managed to keep a tied score 1:1, whereby this part of the championship was finished.
In the next part of the championship, the team already hopes to be in the full composition to continue the fight and prove its spirit of sport. “Mītava Open 2011” North-East Latvia part is expected on 23 July in Madona, Madona city stadium, at 10:00.
The championship takes place already since 2009, and its organiser and author is the band Brainstorm. The championship is held with the aim to promote spending the free time at sports. In total, the championship takes place in six stages with finals for the grand prize.