BalticTaxi team participates at Mītava Open 2011

On 9 July, in Kuldīga, the Kurzeme part of the Open Amateur Mini Football Championship MĪTAVA OPEN 2010 took place. It was attended also by a 12-people team set up by BalticTaxi, and among 28 teams it took the high 5th-8th place.
In the first game the team had a tied score 1:1, it won in the second and the third game by 2:1 and 3:1, thus taking the 1st place in its sub-group. The first round had intensive games with a victory only due to three 11 m penalty kicks. In the quarter finals the team had a game of 0:0 losing it in 11 m penalty kicks.
This year is the first time when the BalticTaxi team participates at the championship of mini football, as well as the team has no professionals as strictly determined by the regulations. Professional football players are not allowed to participate, and it is carefully controlled. Before the championship, the team had a couple of trainings to be better prepared for the championship.
It was previously announced that BalticTaxi teams have participated at the recent Nordea Riga Marathon and Tele2 Cycling Marathon. We participate at this championship to keep promoting sports among our personnel and, of course, to get satisfaction and satisfy others, make the viewers happy with nice goals and true emotions.
The following MĪTAVA OPEN 2011 games will take place this Saturday, 16 July in Ainaži, at Ainaži School stadium. BalticTaxi team will definitely be there.
The championship takes place already from 2009, and its organiser and author is the band Brainstorm. The championship is held with the aim to promote spending the free time at sports. In total, the championship takes place in six parts with finals for the grand prize.