BalticTaxi Team Participates at Tele2 Riga Cycling Marathon

On 5 June, the largest challenge of bicycle season “Tele2 Riga Cycling Marathon” will take place in Riga attended also by BalticTaxi team. 

By participating at this cycling marathon the BalticTaxi team wises to continue promoting and supporting health lifestyle. 
As this is not the first cycling marathon where the team members take part, the team will be a full set of 12 people competing at the general course of 49 km. The participants have a several-year experience in taking part at Latvijas Vienības brauciens (Latvian Cycling Unity Ride) both at the MTB course and the general course.
To keep up good physical condition and be able to show good results, members of the team try to ride their bicycles to work and during their leisure time as often as possible; fitness is maintained also by jogging.
As supporting healthy lifestyle is not the only objective of the BalticTaxi team, spectators and supporters will have the option to see the team’s attractive surprises.
Tele2 Riga Cycling Marathon will take place on 5 June 2011, and for the first time the start and the finish will be at the very heart of the city – 11. novembra krastmala. This is the first year, when the traffic will be closed and the streets of Riga will belong to cyclists alone. Three courses will be available for participants of the cycling marathon: Riga Grand Prix (140 km), general course (43 km) and family course 10 km).
We wish all participants of the marathon lots of strength and endurance to reach good results at the cycling marathon.