BalticTaxi ladies’ team will participate at“BTA Women’s Day Rally 2011”.

The orienteering and adventure competition “BTA Women’s Day Rally 2011” will start on March 5 at the fashion and entertainment centre “Riga Plaza”. 

This race for women only will take place for the third year in a row, and this year ladies’ crews will have to cover a route of 250 km (Riga – Mālpils – Lielvārde – Riga) with at least 10 control points and tasks of various level of difficulty. Organisers of the event stress that not only the speed and agility will be important at this contest, but also the attractiveness of the team, choice of outfit, most original car decoration and participants’ enthusiasm will be evaluated.
Our BalticTaxi ladies’ team will also participate at this rally devoted to women’s day. The team is ready to prove its proficiency at driving, its fighting spirit and perseverance.
To warm up for the rally, a race took place at carting hall “Ātruma cilts” on 8 February where participants of “BTA Women’s Day Rally 2011” had the option to compete at the carting wheel. BalticTaxi was represented at this competition by one of taxi drivers Ligita Struģēvica.
Let’s wish BalticTaxi ladies’ crew success, sporty excitement and exciting emotions at the rally!