Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to pay by a credit card in the cab?

  • Yes, it is possible to settle payments by a credit card in all Baltic Taxi cabs.


2. Where can I buy Baltic Taxi vouchers / tickets?

  • At the main sales points: Baltic Taxi office at the Riga Airport.


3. Can I apply for a job, where do I send the CV?
  • Send your application at e-mail We will be glad if you would prepare your CV together with a motivational letter.


4. How to conclude a cooperation agreement with Baltic Taxi to receive taxi services?


5. Can a private party receive a client card?

  • The client card can be obtained only by a legal entity; however, a private party can receive a Baltic Taxi discount card. To receive the card, send an application to


6. What to do when property has been left in the taxi?
  • You should immediately call the call centre at 8500; (+371) 20008500 or (+371) 67008500 and inform about the left items. The sooner you provide the information, the larger is the possibility that the items will be found, as well as the receipt for the ride will help to find the property.


7. How many passengers can ride the Baltic Taxi mini-bus?
  • The mini-bus is meant for groups of up to 8 passengers.


8. Do you have child seats in the taxis?
  • To take care of our smallest passengers, we have equipped our cabs with child seats of all sizes.