Taxi services

  • We offer qualitative and trustworthy taxi services in Riga, Riga district, Mārupe region, Jūrmala and Liepāja.
  • At present we have increased our number of cabs up to 179 cars, thus we have obtained the largest taxi fleet.
I due care of its clients' convenience and safety we offer the following additional equipment and service in the cabs:
  • Wake up the client at a particular time (order in advance);
  • Meet the passengers at the airport (5 Eur) ;
  • Deliver the client and his or her car back home;
  • Lady taxi (for example, transporting small children without the parents' supervision);
  • Child seat for children of various age (when you order this service, the waiting time might be slightly longer);
  • Servicing events;
  • Delivery of various shipments to companies;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Payment by Mobilly;
  • Option to pay by a credit card.