Along with the opening of the exhibition “CELOJUMS” of the artist Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa the art will be taken also to the streets of RIGA

On Thursday July 3, 2014 at 17:00 in the gallery “Maksla XO” at 14 Elizabetes Street there will be opened the exhibition “Celojums” (Eng. “Journey”) of artist Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa.

The exhibition will be available for visitors by July 29, 2014.

The exhibition “Celojums” will be special not only owing to the representation of the artist's feelings in paintings, but also with a surprise for Riga’s inhabitants, which will take these feelings to the streets of Riga. In co-operation with Baltic Taxi, there have been designed three special taxis that are decorated with the elements of the artist’s paintings, thus bringing the impressions of the works of art, culture, emotions and colours to daily trips of Riga’s inhabitants. For Baltic Taxi it is like a continuation of the previous collaboration with the artist, when there was created a calendar of Baltic Taxi for 2014, where there were seen also the artist's paintings, together with the green taxis of Baltic Taxi.

The idea about the exhibition came in the spring 2013, when the artist was painting for two months in Paris. Travelling has always been an important component of the artist's life that allows develop both as a painter so a person. The artist recognizes that "while painting works for this exhibition, I came to the realization that life itself is a journey, because incidentally I started to move away from the depiction of certain impressions. In some of the paintings I have portrayed my feelings, which I encountered as everyday life situations." One of the central works in the exhibition is the painting "Leduspuke" (Eng. Ice flower”). The painting with a drifting iceberg surrounded by blossoming poppy flowers. "Sometimes I used to think too much about the future, how much there remains unknown. In the painting "Leduspuke" I wanted to paint the feeling that the unknown is beautiful, that it shall not be feared of, but should be allowed, as well as love and travel."

In the exhibition "Celojums" there will be demonstrated the last works of the artist depicting travelling impressions from Paris, Barcelona and Latvia, which have been created over the past six months.

Visitors of the exhibition, calling Baltic Taxi, saying the password “Kultūras taksometrs” ("Cultural taxi") and providing an invitation to the exhibition, will receive a 10% discount for the trip.