Expanding taxi fleet in Liepāja

SIA BalticTaxi expands the taxi fleet in Liepāja, by completely renovating it and supplying new cars. 

Instead of the previous four, Liepāja’s residents will have ten new BalticTaxi cars available. To qualitatively serve Liepāja's corporate and individual clients, as well as to ensure the increasing demand in taxi services a sum of LVL 100,000 has been invested in purchase of DACIA Lodgy cars. “We started to work in Liepāja on 2 November last year, and we are providing taxi services by four BalticTaxi cars. During the previous six months the demand in BalticTaxi services in Liepāja exceeded our supply; the number of serviced clients by one car was higher than in Riga, therefore expansion of the car fleet in Liepāja was a logical step in response to the clients' demand,” comments Jānis Naglis, SIA BalticTaxi board member. “Quality corporate and private client servicing in Liepāja has a potential and growth confirmed also by the successful operation of Baltic TAXI.” Expansion of car fleet will increase the comfort of Liepāja's clients and will decrease the taxi waiting time; moreover, BalticTaxi offers the firsttaxi in Liepāja that is constantly equipped with child safety seats for all age groups - for infants, and for older children up to 11 years in compliance with requirements of Road Traffic Regulations. This BalticTaxi car can be recognised by the special Safe Baby sign.