Another attack on Baltic Taxi. This time the witnesses are state officials

Blocking cars, physical and psychological harassment of taxi drivers, physical and psychological harassment of taxi clients, threats are a regular phenomenon causing harm both to employees of Baltic Taxi and unfortunately their clients as well.

 Considering maximum safety for our clients in such circumstances, each Baltic Taxi car is equipped with an alarm button, and its location is determined immediately. Additional safety measures are necessary because these and similar events have occurred before - Baltic Taxi cars have been shot, taxis have been damaged, tyres have been punctured several times (as it happened in the incident on Saturday, 13 July), taxi drivers have been threatened, they have also been assaulted physically. If you have questions about the arrested attackers, we ask you to address the Riga Regional Department of the State Police.In the industry, this situation is unacceptable - it is unfair competition and damage to the city image seen by its guests and inhabitants, as the Saturday's incident shows. Many a time, BalticTaxi has given suggestions to law enforcement institutions to bring order in this industry. Nevertheless, problems still persist. For BalticTaxi, each client is important irrespective of title or public position; BalticTaxi will request an investigation of this assault, as each preceding one, in compliance with the law, and due sanctions against the offenders.There is no rule or regulation that would prohibit a taxi from accepting a passenger when the passenger has stopped the taxi or has climbed in it. If there were such a rule, it would be followed by making the passenger to leave the car. This action would be absurd. The client has all the rights to choose any service provider."We wish to express our thankfulness and gratitude to the passengers and taxi driver involved in the incident for taking active participation in solving the situation and elimination of further threats."

Jānis Naglis

BalticTaxi management board member.