Go to Positivus together with BalticTaxi!

This is the third year in a row, when we offer beneficial trips to and back from the Positivus festival. Every visitor can buy a travel voucher of BalticTAXI to be used for up to four passengers.

You can go to Positivus with BalticTaxi from any address in Riga, to the very venue of the festival in Salacgrīva, as well as purchase another voucher at once not to worry about getting back home. The voucher price is 47 lats.

The BalticTaxi voucher includes the following services:

  • One ride between two addresses: a ride from one address in Riga to the Positivus festival in Salacgrīva or also a ride from the Positivus festival to one address in Riga, respectively;
  • The voucher can be used for a ride in the taxi by one to four persons. If passengers are picked up at several addresses in Riga, a separate fee is applied in compliance with the taxi meter. In this case, the last address where passengers are picked up in Riga will be considered as the one address. 

After paying for the services, clients will receive a BalticTaxi ride voucher, its code can be authorised only once in a BalticTaxi car. The BalticTaxi voucher cannot be exchanged for money, the unused vouchers are not compensated.

To call a BalticTaxi car for the ride from the Positivus festival, we ask you to use the taxi office set up near the festival territory.

Vouchers can be bought here.

The Positivus festival is the largest and most significant music and art festival in the Baltics; in 2013 it takes place for the seventh time. Each year it offers the most recent high-quality music programme, friendly atmosphere and an unforgettable weekend. This year, it takes place on July 19-21.