Call a Taxi on iOS Devices Without the Call Centre

As of today, every user of BalticTaxi iOS and Android operating system mobile application has the option to call a taxi according to the client's location on the map without calling the call centre. 

So far this function was provided only to Android users, however, now this option is offered to every user of BalticTaxi mobile application.
To call a taxi, you need just a couple of clicks. It determines the client's location on the map and upon calling a taxi, the nearest BalticTaxi vehicle is sent.
Together with calling a taxi according to location on the map, now the application implements also the choice of language to facilitate calling the taxi by our foreign guests.
BalticTAXI is the first taxi company in Latvia having created its own mobile application since 5 January 2012 supplemented by various improvements for users' convenience.
It has been previously announced that BalticTaxi application provides also the option to call the taxi as by phone so by Skype, to pay for the ride with Mobilly electronic payment system. Next to it, a discount section, a list of BalticTaxi services and Twitter, and an option to evaluate the ride by 5 stars are implemented.
Now, the application on both platforms has been downloaded by more than 6000 downloads.
The application is aviable free of charge an you can download it here:
Application for iOS devices.
Application for Google Play.