BalticTaxi starts equipping taxis with tablets

Following modern innovations and improving the quality of client service, BalticTaxi has started to equip taxis with tablets.

Having tablets installed in their taxis, the drivers will be able to get more information about the client's location thus ensuring more precise arrival. Drivers will have more convenient movement around the city with GPS installed on tablets allowing to follow the route. Thanks to the additional options of tablets, also the contact between operators and drivers will improve, as well as a technical opportunities will distribute queues of waiting taxis in smaller districts thus ensuring faster arrival of taxis.
BalticTaxi CFO Juris Erts acknowledges that in purchase of the new tablets the technical support of Tele2 was of significant help to choose the most suitable tablet model fitting best the needs of BalticTaxi. It was previously announced that all BalticTaxi cars have Wi-Fi installed providing clients with a free-of-charge access to the internet via Tele2 network.
Although BalticTaxi ensures high quality taxi services without using radio transmitters unlike most taxis, introduction of tablets is more than a confirmation that BalticTaxi does its best to be a step ahead of its competitors both in introduction of new technologies and in issues of environmental protection.
Today, BalticTaxi tablets operate on a test mode, and it is planned to install tablets on the entire car fleet till end of October.