On the first day of school, BalticTaxi helps pupils with special needs get to school

In cooperation with the union of the handicapped and their friends “Apeirons” BalticTaxi helps pupils with special needs get to school and back home free of charge on their first day of school. 

This is not the first time when BalticTaxi works together with Apeirons; this year we helped five pupils with special needs, and we plan to continue this cooperation in future by turning it into a tradition.
BalticTaxi CFO Juris Erts acknowledges that this idea was born several years ago when we began cooperation with Apeirons in relation to driver certification to transport passengers with special needs. Some drivers have already obtained the certificate, but with the increasing number of employees the new drivers still need this training. At that moment, the idea became topical to help pupils in this increased stress situation to fit in a new environment on the first day of school to enjoy something that would light up their eyes with genuine joy and make them feel special. Further we plan to address members of taxi association with the thought of introducing a regulation that each child with special needs going to school on 1 September would be taken there and back free of charge.
Union Apeirons is a public organisation with the aim to integrate people with special needs in the society.