BalticTaxi invites to install gas equipment on all Latvian taxis

As a pioneer of the green thinking in taxi business of Latvia, having installed gas equipment on all vehicles of the fleet already in 2010, BalticTaxi invites to follow the positive example by installing quality gas equipment on technically suitable taxis.

 "We are the positive example for those who support ecology aspects but still hesitate to decide on the economic usefulness of the gas engines and the alleged decrease in engine resource," indicates BalticTaxi management board member Gundars Kristapsons.
At present, BalticTaxi is the greenest taxi company not only in the direct sense of the word, but also from the ecological point of view because 147 out of 158 cars are fully equipped with quality gas equipment since 2010, being ecological and safe in use as the gas does not contain heavy metals and harmful admixtures unlike other types of car fuel (lead, sulphur); likewise, gas engines decrease the amount of toxic emissions in the atmosphere by 50-70 %. Thus in comparison with other fuels, the harmful effect of emissions on the ozone layer is decreased by more than a half.
BalticTaxi CFO Juris Erts states that gas usage significantly decreases fuel costs, thus more beneficial service rates and better service quality can be offered to clients.
As a company BalticTaxi is aware that care of environment is one of the most preconditions for public welfare and successful development of business. Gundars Kristapsons notes that the green thinking and environment protection is a part of the principal values of BalticTaxi, at the basis of company's strategy and philosophy of long-term development.
To improve environmental conditions in the city of Riga, BalticTaxi has brought an innovative idea on introduction of electric cars by starting negotiations on cooperation in this project with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvenergo and the Riga City Council. Initially these vehicles are planned to be used in the centre of Riga and Old Riga, thereafter in the rest of the city when the network of charging points expands. Juris Erts considers that everyone would be winners in this project. The city would get a new service presenting Riga as a green and progressive-thinking city, and residents would get improvement of air quality and decrease of noise level because the electric cars without internal combustion engines do not cause the so-characteristic noise and CO2 emission.